The food at Rebecca’s is all homemade and cooked by our cook on the premises. The menu is interesting and varied with the children’s preferences taken into account.

Lunch is at twelve noon and tea is at four thirty. The meals consist of two course meals The staff eat with the children encouraging good eating habits and conversation.

We also give the children a mid morning and mid afternoon snack. The snack consists of milk or water and a choice of two different sugar free snacks.

The children are encouraged and helped to help themselves to their own food and drink at meal times and for snack.

Sample week menu


Chicken Curry with rice and veg

Berry Salad


Homemade Fishcakes and veg

Fruit Jelly


Minced Beef with potatoes and veg

Banana and Custard


Roast Ham with roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings and veg

Flapjack and Apple


Homemade Pizza and salad

Fruit Sorbet




Cheese or Ham toastie and salad


Jacket Potato and veg


Scrambled egg on toast


Quiche and salad


Chicken wrap with Mediterranean veg